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The Life Of The Party Has Arrived!

A party isn’t the same without a DJ, no matter how big or small. While you can connect your personal smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker, shuffle your playlist, and hope everything goes off without a hitch, a party DJ is the best choice for any event. Plus, who wants to add further stress purchasing/renting and lugging all that equipment around? Leave that up to the DJ. In addition to playing and mixing pre-approved, popular music that keeps every guest moving, a DJ enhances the experience with exciting commentary geared toward hyping up the audience at the right time. Appropriate for family events, adult-only parties, and everything in between, 2Hype Entertainment knows how to put on a fantastic show.

Additionally, relying on fun and hassle-free entertainment allows you, as the host, to focus on your guests and other details crucial to keeping the party going – leave the rest up to us! Our party DJ services are available for school events, corporate functions, community gatherings, birthday parties, and more for just $150 per hour. Add-ons are also available for hosts who want to offer their guests even more of an experience.

Pricing: $150/hr with the option of including additional services such as our Light Package, Photo Booth services and Karaoke rentals.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Halloween, Christmas, Baby Shower's, Prom, Pool Parties, Sweet 16, 4th of July, New Year's Eve, Theme Parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette & Military Ball's, just to name a few, are some events hosted by 2Hype Entertainment. Please check out some pictures below...

Party organized by 2Hype Entertainment
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DJ service by 2Hype Entertainment
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Party DJ servicE
Military event by 2Hype Entertainment
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DJ service by 2Hype Entertainment
Event by 2Hype Entertainment
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Party DJ services by 2Hype Entertainment
2Hype Entertainment’s DJ at Party
2Hype Entertainment’s DJ service at Party